Hi! I am Keira Davis the owner of Kei's Private Suite.

The Suite is an intimates brand and community for women of color, wives, mothers, and business women serving luxury intimates, loungewear and adult accessories.

The Suite is an experience of self love, and self care that is at times neglected as we try to balance our work and home lifestyles. KPS Intimates provides intimates that make you feel good along your journey to self love.

This journey has broadened my awareness of the different types of intimacy: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. Each requiring a need to be met. That journey for me consisted of peeling back layers, finding time for me, and actually experiencing intimacy.

Each of you are women, wives, mothers, business women and some all of the above. You each have the key to access all things intimate and have that balance. You will experience self love, self care, and intimacy doing whatever it is you desire, and you can do it all while wearing sexy, quality intimates and lingerie that define you.

Kei’s Private Suite would love to be apart of it all as you explore your intimate experience of self love and expression.

Welcome to the Suite! 

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