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Real Women in Lingerie
I am Keira Davis the owner of Kei’s Private Suite also known as KPS Intimates.The Suite is a community for women of color, wives, mothers, and business women to experience the self love, that is at times neglected. I have experienced this myself, neglect led to me looking in the mirror at a person I no longer recognized. I needed a change and was desperate to find myself again. The journey of self love forced me to peel back many layers, and discover what made me feel and think at my best. I learned the four types of intimacy and guess what... it all starts with you, yea you! Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Take the journey of experiencing your intimacy, whatever that looks like; by your definition, not anyone else’s. At the Suite only your thoughts, feelings, and opinions matter. You have a community supporting you. Our KPS models display that exact image, yup! Each of them are women of color, wives, mothers, business women and some of them all of the above. You can have that balance. You can experience self love. You deserve whatever it is you desire, and you can do it all while
wearing intimates that define you. Now let's explore our intimate experience of self love and expression. Welcome to the Suite!

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